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Primo Solutions, LLC.

Primo Solutions, LLC has delivered actionable market research and analysis to our clients for over 25 years. In that time, we have successfully assisted clients in almost every customer-focused industry to provide cutting-edge customer experiences. Sometimes, excellent marketing and a well-designed store layout can be let down by a lack of knowledge amongst staff or a poor attitude on the shop floor for instance.

Our success lies in our multi-national client service and research team, versed with extensive local knowledge. We currently offer mystery shopping opportunities for people to take our services locally with your help.

In addition. Mystery shopping can be used to understand and compare the level of product or service knowledge amongst staff, review sales skills, see how complaints are handled and escalated, test the procedures for carrying out a refund or exchange and a wide array of other potential transactions between customers and frontline staff.
We require part-time representatives who we will send on evaluation task to specific nearby stores to make some purchases and in the process evaluate the quality of the store's customer services delivery and also the condition of products in the store.

We shall provide funding for every assignment, payment will be via electronic payment or drawn on checks/money orders and posted to you at least 24hrs before any task.

You get paid $525 or more per assignment you carry out and the minimum you can do is one assignment per week. You may receive up to two or more assignments in a week as the case may be.

A feedback form for every assignment will be emailed to you by our officers. The details on the form include the name of the attendee, product purchased and also the quality of customer service at the store.

This vacancy contract is part-time and will not require much of your time as an assignment can be carried out at your free time in the day.

Kindly apply to your right.

(Note that the information provided details are correct as payment checks will be mailed to the address you provide)

NOTE: The assignments and payment process will commence immediately once we have received and approved your application.
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